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"Laura was unbelievable. She blended right in to the day and had a calm, soothing presence about her. Her work is something that we couldn’t find in any other videographer. A more candid, authentic, documentary style that sums up the day without elaborate, staged story telling. Laura was awesome and we wouldn’t trade our experience with her for anything."


—Tia + cam

Watch their story.


Photos by  Carly Milbrath ,

Photos by Carly Milbrath,


I've always loved storytelling. And I've learned that my niche is telling true stories, so love stories seem to fit just right. When it comes to your wedding day, I am completely dedicated to documenting your story in a genuine way. I don't want to stage you, but simply capture the natural, simple moments of your love for each other. 

I’m a pretty easy going person. Since I work independently, I'm free to make and break my own rules. I do my best to accommodate each couple's specific needs on their wedding day. As a dancer and active person in general, I’m pretty good at running around in stealth mode—all day. People have often commented I’m like a fly on the wall, I hope you hardly notice I’m there! Dance has also taught me the beauty of movement and timing—so when it comes to editing, these factors are naturally engrained into every decision I make in post-production.

You can learn a little more about me and my process here. If you feel like we’d be a good fit, please visit my Contact page to say hi. I'd love to meet you and chat over coffee!