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"Laura was unbelievable. She blended right in to the day and had a calm, soothing presence about her. Her work is something that we couldn’t find in any other videographer. A more candid, authentic, documentary style that sums up the day without elaborate, staged story telling. Laura was awesome and we wouldn’t trade our experience with her for anything. We treasure our wedding video more than anything else from the day. We have re-watched our video over and over. It fully encapsulates not just everything that went on that day, but how we felt about the day. The joy, the excitement, the energy, is all right there in that video. And nothing else could do that for us. You forget about tiny details, like how it felt to dance with your grandma and the energy during our vows, but every time, our video brings us back."

—Tia & Cam

"The absolute best money we spent on our wedding day! Laura is insanely talented and will capture the moments of your day organically as they happen. We are so grateful to have such a beautiful representation of our wedding day to look back on!"

—Krysta + Max

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"Laura did an incredible job of capturing our wedding and far exceeded my expectations! She caught all of the special moments and more. I was so impressed with her editing and how she seamlessly put all the footage together. I have watched our video over a hundred times, and it still makes me smile. So happy we decided to invest in a videographer and even more grateful we found her!"

—Jessie + Ben

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"Working with Laura was incredible, my husband Tyler and I could not imagine a more perfect way to capture the most amazing day of our lives. From the beginning we knew we could trust Laura and her vision, she created a wonderful masterpiece that was better then anything we could imagine. Time and time again we re-watch our wedding video in awe and burst with love that we can relive the day as often as we would like. Working with Laura and her documentation of our wedding is something we will cherish forever." 

—Kristin + Tyler

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"Hiring Laura was the best decision we made for our wedding! Laura was so easy to work with. She's genuine and warm and made us feel like our love story really mattered to her. On the day of the wedding, she was perfectly in sync with the schedule and also adaptable when things shifted and changed. Our wedding day was incredible but went by so fast. Having the gorgeous, candid and emotional video that Laura created for us helps us feel like we can go back to our day whenever we want. I've watched it at least a hundred times and notice something new every time. I cannot recommend her enough!"

—Brynn + Brett

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"When I read that 98% of bride’s biggest regret is not having a videographer, I decided I did not want to part of the 98%. I quickly looked to Laura, having seen her work. Laura is the best type of videographer – she documents real moments throughout your wedding day. I never felt like I was doing anything “for the camera” – and in most cases, I didn’t even realize she was there.
The end result is a beautiful, natural reminder of our day. She captured exactly how it felt throughout our wedding day – we are so grateful that we had Laura. I’ve already recommended Laura to many of our newly engaged family and friends and urge that if you’re on the fence about hiring a videographer – do it – don’t be part of that 98%." 

—Carly + Adam

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"Book Laura now! And yes, you need a videographer! Laura captured our day and our relationship so perfectly. Wedding pictures are wonderful but nothing can compare to watching your own wedding video after the big day. Your wedding day is a whirlwind and when you look back on the day most vendors won’t stand out unless they did something exceptional. Laura blew our expectations out of the water and I whole heartedly recommend her to all of my friends and family. She is pure gold and you won’t be disappointed!"

—Lexy + Peter